The Door Opens

DSC_0179I have been so touched, over the past 48 hours, to read the messages of people who respond with a big YES to the idea of joining together for a pipeline pilgrimage this April.

Dozens and dozens of people have written to us since we posted the website Monday morning. Strangers writing to say things like, “I can donate money and time.” and “Do you need food?” and “We would be happy to provide breakfast.” and “I can help with logistics and transport.”

And so many people have shown up eager to walk together. Eager to spend the early days of April, as these piles of snow disappear from the landscape, tracing the route, town to town, with our footsteps, expressing our deep grief and our deep hope in these times.

Thank you, all, strangers who will become new friends. It is already a pleasure to join together with you in this journey.

We are spending this week emailing the invitation to groups in New Hampshire and Vermont and starting the initial inquiries into housing, food and transportation for pilgrims on this journey. Have a connection to a church that might open its doors to us or a group that might be interested in providing dinner for the walkers one evening? Let us know at

Many, many thanks.

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