Logistics, Logistics, Logistics

Hello Friends! We’ve just published the list of where we’re going to be when every day. There are still some places to be determined, but we are 3/4 of the way there with housing. What a gift! The main thing is, that if you plan to join us, you can now find out where and when we’re going to be meeting, by checking out the new Logistics page.

We’ve also published a whole lot of other logistical information, if you haven’t found it already: including public transportation connections and the scoop on housing and food etc. If you’re planning on joining the pilgrimage at any point, please take the time to read through this important information.

I also want to raise up our intentions document. In embarking on this walk, this pilgrimage, we are setting out some clear intentions that make this unlike other protests or marches that you may have been to. Please take the time to read, reflect, and digest it. And we’d love it if you had reflections to post them in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Love and Light to All!

3 thoughts on “Logistics, Logistics, Logistics

  1. Dear Mr. O’Hara. Good intentions, to me, are words, nice words, but just words. Do you have contact people for the specific locations (towns & citiies) along the pipeline route? If not, please appoint a contact person. Then we all will not be bothering you. Okay? 😉 HAGD Nan Wychorski


  2. Hi Nan! Thanks for your comment. We do have contact people for specific locations along the way. Could you be more clear exactly what you mean about appointing a contact person, or what contact or information you’re looking for? You can email us at pipelinepilgrimage2015@gmail.com with any questions you may have. Thanks!


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