What Makes This a Quaker-Led Pilgrimage?

“One of the strengths of Quakerism is not telling people what they should be doing, other than encouraging them to listing within.”

Debbie articulated that basic yet profound tenant of Quakerism on our planning call the other week as we reflected deeply together on how to hold a Quaker-led walk that is welcoming to all. This journey is one that will be walked by people of many faiths, yet it is our intention to create a uniquely Quaker space.

The intentions document that we wrote together includes many of the aspirations that under-girds the Quakerness of this walk. The main manifestation will of course be frequent silent waiting worship, our lack of signs and chants, and the ubiquitous “queries”. Friends have a long tradition of holding a searching question in mind, in worship and business to explore together a topic. Climate change is certainly something that begs more questions than it does answers.

We have a vision of using the framework of the stations of the cross each day to explore our relation to the pain and grief, and the invitation to new life that the threat of climate collapse presents us. It seems likely that we’ll take some time each day in the large group or smaller breakout groups exploring these ideas with a daily query.

I also wanted to share some ways in which logistically this will be a Quaker let pilgrimage: namely that whatever business or decisions need to be made will be done so in the manner of Friends. The team of Friends (mostly the YAF Climate Working Group) who have initiated the walk will continue to provide leadership and the main decision making body of the pilgrimage, and will broaden the group to fit the needs of the decision being made.

Well, nothing too earth shattering here, but wanted to share some more of these thoughts. Can’t wait to see you all out walking today and for the next 12 days!

3 thoughts on “What Makes This a Quaker-Led Pilgrimage?

  1. We do encourage ourselves to LISTEN within to those messages which we cover up daily with our lists. When we go quietly and thoughtfully about our daily business we do it better. When we take time to listen, then we begin to hear.


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