Abundant Gratitude

Dear Pipeline Pilgrims,

I confess that I don’t have words sufficient to capture the beauty, power and transformation of the 12 days we spent walking together. I just know that those days have continued to reverberate in my hearts and thoughts. Thank you for taking the time away from your day-to-day lives to walk with us – your spirits and your dedication continually moved and inspired me. Thanks to all who provided food, housing, support cars, trail magic, scarves, and so much more – we came away nourished in every sense by the generosity of so many. I know that I will continue to reflect on what I learned over those 150 miles for many months.

We’re going to conclude our pipelinepilgrimage.org blog by posting reflections from pilgrims. We would love to hear stories from your experience of the pilgrimage, what this experiences meant for you,or how you’re living out the pilgrimage as you return to your daily life. Just email us the text (and a photo if you want one included) and we’ll get it posted.

Many photos of the pilgrimage are on Facebook – we also heard many requests from people not on Facebook to share photos so we’ve set up a dropbox folder. Please add photos to that folder if you’d like to share them with the group. The link is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ip2fux556u5v392/AAAFNZjA6mTwPZ3REbANlJmKa?dl=0

WGBH’s Greater Boston show aired a short segment about the pilgrimage on Monday night. You can find that piece and the links to all our other media hits at https://pipelinepilgrimage.org/media/

See you down the road, dear friends.


p.s. Just wanted to give a shout-out to Patrick, Kelsey, Jimmy and Theo who carried the pilgrimage forward by sleeping out in the Harvard Yard with Divest Harvard on Sunday night.

One thought on “Abundant Gratitude

  1. I joined the Pilgrimage for one day on April 9th, just after a snowfall and an ice storm. When we sat in worship that morning everything was white and silver and covered with ice. It was beautiful, and I was haunted by the question “Are we just here to say good-bye? Good-bye to the green woods, the clear waters, the earth as we’ve known it?” I heard one pilgrim say that the answers may be found in worship.

    In the following days I have been asking what I need to do now. Climate change is asking all of us to see more deeply, to ask new questions, to face a new direction. The changes have begun, and we can’t make the climate go back. My conclusion is to ask my Quaker Meeting to hold a meeting for worship with the intention of healing the earth.

    I am overwhelmed with the beauty and the peril we live in. I am grateful to the pilgrimage for hope and inspiration.


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