The New England Young Adult Friends (Quaker) Climate Working Group invites you to join us in a pilgrimage along the route of the proposed Kinder-Morgan methane pipeline in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We begin this invitation with confession; that the reality of climate change is overwhelming and that we do not know exactly how to respond to the devastating truth that the world is ending on our watch.

Yet there are things that we can say clearly: That we must reduce atmospheric CO2 levels below 350 ppm immediately and that to do so requires an immediate phase out of fossil fuel use. Given this reality, the further expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure makes no sense. Every dollar invested in energy must be spent on demand reduction, efficiency and building renewable sources, like Cape Wind, instead of pipelines and power plants for fracked gas.

Therefore, we are called to witness with our own eyes this pipeline route, to walk its length and to fathom the changes that must be made. We walk praying for clarity, determination and boldness to take the necessary next steps. We walk acknowledging that we do not yet possess the inner resources to live our lives fully into the reality that our scientific understanding of the climate crisis calls us to. We walk creating a community of climate dissidents, understanding that we need each other in these challenging times. We walk bringing public focus to the immorality of perpetuating the status quo, and to a genuine hope for a different future.

We invite you to join us to bear witness to the power of God in our lives to make a way out of no way, to move from what is dead and past to what is alive and new. This is a time for needed renewal and transformation. This season is one to roll away the stone and to see what new life may move among us.

The pilgrimage will be a 12-day walk from Pittsfield, Massachusetts along the 143 mile proposed pipeline route to Dracut, Massachusetts beginning April 1st. It will be Quaker-led and open to all, with opportunities for Worship, for meeting local community members working to stop the pipeline, and for fellowship.

We hope you will consider joining us.

We dedicate ourselves to let the living waters flow through us – where we live, regionally, and in wider world fellowship. We dedicate ourselves to building the peace that passeth all understanding, to the repair of the world, opening our lives to the Light to guide us in each small step.

– The Kabarak Call, World Conference of Friends 2012

Please also read our intentions statement.

9 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. Please begin your trip in nearby NY state. Our house is a bed and breakfast located 12 miles west of Pittsfield, Ma and we can accomodate up to 10 people and you can stay for free at our house.
    My girlfriend and I are the co-founders of “Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline” ( in Canaan, NY. We are about 6 miles south of where the NED pipeline crosses into Ma at Hancock, Ma.
    Last summer we hosted the “Climate Bikers ” who biked from Boston, Ma area along the proposed KM/TGP/NED Project ” route into NY.
    We are friends with the Quaker Intentional Community in East Chatham, NY ( 4 miles away) as well as with the Powell House in Old Chatham, NY( 12 miles from Canaan, NY).
    Please honor us and our efforts by beginning in NY where the NED pipeline begins!!
    Thank you,
    Bob Connors, co-founder Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline”

    Robert Connors
    Canaan, NY 12029
    Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline


    1. Janet, yes indeed! Many people will join us for only a single day, or a few days. We will be publishing more detailed schedule information as the pilgrimage approaches. Stay tuned!


  2. Wonderful ; thanks, for doing this and bringing serious awareness to the issues concerning the building of more , large, high-pressure gas pipelines that will encourage more fracking and toxic emissions and harm our world and climate change….we need to divert these millions and billions in toxic gas infrastructure to build alternative renewable energy facilities…


  3. Pilgrimage Walkers,

    This is an acknowledgement of your unique and contemplative approach to bring awareness and opposition to the proposed Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline Project.

    “Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline” ( SNYFGP) is in full support of all efforts to educate the public about the proposed Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct Project. This project is unneeded in the United States and it is fairly easy to calculate that most of this fracked methane gas is bound for export.

    New York will receive none of this methane fracked gas for consumption and the admitted leakage from the infrastructure and the purposeful out gassing of the fracked methane are dangerous to New Yorkers and beyond. The likely use of eminent domain proceedings by Kinder Morgan is repulsive to SNYFGP in that it allows for corporate gain at public expense.

    The risk to our air, water, soil from this Project vastly outweighs any benefit to New Yorkers and beyond.

    Fossil fuel usage, and specifically, the NED Project is a bridge to disaster because climate change continues to threaten all living things on this planet.

    Our time and investments need to be spent on increasing our use of clean, renewable energy, conservation and efficiencies.

    SNYFGP encourages all New Yorkers to support the opposition to the NED Project in all possible ways.

    Robert Connors, co-founder
    Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline
    Canaan, NY 12029


  4. It’s wonderful to read all of this and to know that the hikers are as dedicated as they seem to be about making choices in their lives that will help to diminish the onslaught of climate change. I will be honored to meet you all tonight at the pot luck in New Ipswich.


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