As we prepare to undertake this journey, we continue to reflect on what moves us to make this pilgrimage, and how we wish to comport ourselves as we journey. We intend for this pilgrimage to look quite different from typical secular activism that many of us are used to, and we want to be as clear about those intentions as possible, and welcome all to join us who feel the call.

The invitation of this pilgrimage is to personal transformation in the face of the climate crisis. As we said in our invitation, we confess that we do not know what to do in the face of this crisis and we walk seeking clarity on how we are invited to be transformed, how Spirit leads us.

The Quaker tradition is rooted in the knowledge that Spirit can guide each of us, and that there is a path forward if we can hold the question until clarity comes.  We walk holding our dependence on fossil fuels, and the impact of that dependence on the health of the ecosystem, holding the question of how Spirit leads us to act, first individually, and then potentially corporately.

We seek to create space for the divine to break in, where we clear away the things that keep us separate from the still small voice. We seek to create space for dialogue, celebration, mourning and worship.

In this journey of personal transformation and reflection, we seek a different path than those most often trod. As outward manifestations of these intentions we will hold daily worship in the manner of Friends, where we sit together quietly and listen for the guidance of the Divine. We seek to return to the spirit within, to pray, through speech, song and silence, to hold ourselves, each other and this journey in the light. Knowing and living into this desire for reflection and transformation, we recognize that chants and signs (more than one simple banner) won’t be needed on this walk.

We hope all will feel welcome to join us in this search – this invitation is open to all and we hope to create a welcoming space where people with a variety of perspectives can feel loved and accepted while we together grapple with our conscience and our complicity in complex global systems.

6 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. Beautiful. A very relevant and useful contemplation. Curious about the phrase;
    “… holding the question of how Spirit leads us to act, first individually, and then potentially corporately.” “Corporately”? Why not “corporeally” or “collectively” ? Are we resigned to a future wherein the human species consciously chooses to evolve a fully “incorporated” body or bodies guided by AI rather than other possible scenarios? Welcoming the thoughtful conversation…


    1. Hi Ken! “Corporately” is a word we use among Quakers to talk about the “body” of the community. This stems from the idea of the “church” (in the broad sense, not a building or a congregation) being the “body of Christ”. So this is by no means an idea of a take over of multi-national corporations, but a usage that goes back long before there was such an idea! 🙂 Hope that helps!


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