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Meeting Up with the Pilgrimage

Join us for a day or an hour or a block! Looking for us on the road? Call 607-592-9328 to meet up with us (cell service varies – leave a message and we’ll call you back as soon as possible).

Sunday, April 12

Meeting Point: First Congregational Church, 3 Main St, Pelham, NH
Meeting Time: 8:00am
Head southeast on Nashua Rd – 358 ft
At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit – 154 ft
Slight left onto Old Bridge St N – 0.5 mi
Slight left onto Atwood Rd – 0.2 mi
Turn right onto Dutton Rd – 1.1 mi
Turn right onto Deer Hill Rd – 0.1 mi
Turn right onto Garland Ave – 1.0 mi
Turn left onto Jericho Rd – 0.6 mi
Continue onto Richardson Rd – 0.4 mi
Turn left onto Marsh Hill Rd – 203 ft
Turn right onto E Richardson Rd – 0.2 mi
E Richardson Rd turns slightly left and becomes Macintosh Dr – 0.2 mi
Turn right onto Jones Ave – 0.6 mi
Turn right onto MA-113 W – 1.7 mi
Turn right to stay on MA-113 W – 0.3 mi
Turn right onto Champlain St – 213 ft
End Point: Christ Church United, 10 Arlington St, Dracut, MA
Total Mileage: 5 miles

To locate the Pipeline Pilgrimage, please call Meg at 607-592-9328.

In the map below, the black line represents the approximate route of the proposed pipeline, and the blue line represents an  approximation of our walking route, with red points as our daily starting and ending points. Please do not rely on this map alone to meet up with the pilgrimage. Give us a call and we’ll give you up-to-the minute location information.


12 thoughts on “Route

    1. Yes! We will be posting the meeting spot for each morning as we get locations nailed down. If you sign up, we’ll email the group when we post this information. Otherwise, check the website in the next week or two.


    2. I already did a reply, but was not certain. I would like to join the walk in Plainfield and walk as far as I can that day. Conway to Deerfield is also a possibility. Please let me know where to meet you that Friday.


  1. For the Merrimack NH portion I wish the black line in your route map was correct, but I’m afraid it’s not. (Unless by chance you’ve heard of a route change? But the maps filed on Friday weren’t changed.) The currently proposed route is north of the route you show, crossing the Souhegan River 4 times, cutting through Horse Hill Nature Preserve, the Gilmore Hill Memorial Forest, etc. Just thought I’d mention it. Thanks for your efforts. I hope to join you for some portion.


  2. This is a message/question from Crystal Giggi from a FB post- I heard a rumor of a route change and coinicidentally, your map shows a route change (at least through Merrimack NH). Are you able to provide more information or clarification on the route?


  3. Hi Maureen and Debra
    Thanks for your questions about the route of the pipeline. Please note that we sketched in only the approximate route of the pipeline – this is not the actual pipeline route. I apologize for any confusion.


    1. yes, it would be difficult to cross the Souhegan River four times through the water! Thanks to your group for this wonderful witness, I will see you in Milford!


    2. Yes, because it would be difficult to cross the Souhegan River four times through the water! Thanks for this wonderful action and sacrifice, I will see you in Milford!


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