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We encourage all friends to take public transit and to carpool to and from the pilgrimage.


To share rides with others in your area to join the pilgrimage, please utilize our ride share spreadsheet.

Public Transportation

We will be able to shuttle people between people between the closest public transportation hub and the pilgrimage if you let us know what time you are arriving – please let us know at pipelinepilgrimage2015@gmail.com.

Daily starting locations are located on the main Logistics page. Below you’ll find a list of the closest public transit hubs to our daily starting and ending locations.

Sunday, April 5:
Start: Deerfield, MA
End: Turner Falls, MA
Options: Amtrak or Peter Pan/Greyhound bus into Greenfield, MA

Monday, April 6:
Start Turner Falls MA
End: Winchester, NH
Options: Amtrak into Brattleboro, VT or Greyhound into Keene, NH

Tuesday, April 7:
Start: Winchester NH
End: Fitzwilliam, NH
Options: Greyhound into Keene, NH or MBTA Commuter Train into Fitchburg, MA

Wednesday, April 8:
Start: Fitzwilliam, NH
End: New Ipswich, NH
Options: MBTA Commuter Train into Fitchburg, MA

Thursday, April 9:
Start: New Ipswich, NH
End: Milford, NH
Options: Greyhound or commuter bus from Boston into Manchester, NH

Friday, April 10:
Start: Milford, NH
End: Nashua, NH
Options:  Boston Express Bus into Nashua, NH

Saturday, April 11:
Start: Nashua, NH
End: Pelham, NH
Options: MBTA commuter train into Lowell, NH

Sunday, April 12:
Start: Pelham, NH
Finish: Dracut, MA
Options: MBTA commuter train into Lowell, NH

Questions? Please email Meg at pipelinepilgrimage2015@gmail.com

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